Hepta: The Last Lecture's screenplay is based on Mohamed Sadek's best-selling book, which portrays the seven stages of love through four paralleled stories.

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    CLASH (ESHTEBAK) (2016)

    Most of the film events take place in an 8m police truck, crammed with detainees representing different sects of society

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    Set in a seaside resort, the film tracks a group of people

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    Set in a picturesque coastal resort of MarsaAlam

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  • Warda (2014)

    A video blogger, returns to his Egyptian countryside home to document and investigate strange happenings that have been disturbing his family since the death of his father.

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    THE CURVE (2016)

    Radi, who leads a reclusive life in his own van, finds himself on a road trip with three strangers

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    Recounting the story of Palestinian singer Assaf

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    VILLA 69 (2013)

    The film follows Hussein, a man living in isolation in his house.

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  • Excuse My French (2014)

    After the death of his father, Hani and his mother discover they are in debt .

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    Rags and Tatters

    Set in Cairo's poor neighbourhoods,

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    My Brother the Devil

    Winning The World Cinematography

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  • Banat El 3am (2012)

    The film tells the story of three girls, who in an attempt to sell a very old, and rumored to be cursed, palace, to get enough money to live their lives freely, find that the curse has befallen upon them,

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    18 days (2011)

    The first short film 'Retention', shows a group of men in a mental institution just before and during the revolution

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    Asma'a (2011)

    Based on a true character, Asmaa

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    Microphone (2011)

    When Khaled returns to Alexandria after years of travel

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  • Mohamed Hefzy Presents a Screenwriting Workshop at the AUC
  • Clash Takes Part in the Annual Karama Beirut Human Rights Film Festival
  • Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim to Be Screened within DIFF 365@VOX
  • Clash Wins Two Awards at the Scarborough Worldwide Film Festival in Canada
  • Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim: First Arab Film to be Screened within DIFF 365@VOX
Cairo, Egypt | Tuesday - 25 July, 2017:
World Premiere of the Film Sheikh Jackson at the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada
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Cairo, Egypt | Thursday- 6 July 2017, 2017:
Mohamed Hefzy Presents a Screenwriting Workshop at the AUC
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Cairo, Egypt | Wednesday- 5 July 2017, 2017:
Clash Takes Part in the Annual Karama Beirut Human Rights Film Festival
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