Warda | A video blogger, returns to his Egyptian countryside home to document and investigate strange happenings that have been disturbing his family since the death of his father.

Excuse My French | After the death of his father, Hani and his mother discover they are in debt and are no longer capable of maintaining their upper middle class lifestyle. To cut costs, he agrees to be relocated from his expensive private school to a run down government school populated by delinquents.

Rags and Tatters | Set in Cairo's poor neighbourhoods, the plot of Rags and Tatters follows an unnamed fugitive (Asser Yasin) from the notorious jailbreak that took place in the early days of the revolution, and his anguished search for a warm and safe shelter.

My Brother the Devil | Winning The World Cinematography Award at Sundance Film Festival 2012, this British film holds quite a heavy uncommon message, and took audiences to a world of confusion, struggle, and exposed what it's like to be powerless on screen.

Banat El 3am | The film tells the story of three girls, who sell a cursed palace, only to find that the curse has befallen upon them, and they become three guys.

Asmaa | Based on a true story, Asmaa is HIV positive, and has kept it a secret from everyone. She must undergo surgery due to successive colic bladder stones, but no doctor wants to treat her, she struggles to find a way out through society's but must expose her HIV Status.

18 Days | This film is the kind that links almost all types of mentalities and behavior in one's culture, and through a revolution. Ten short films, ten different perspectives, a thousand issues in between all the lines, and only one demand that unites them all: Freedom.

Tahrir 2011: the Good, the Bad and the Politician | The best documentary that ever embodied the [Egyptian] revolution on the big screen…the coming years, if not decades, will see no shortage of documentaries and features covering the same events.

Microphone | Based on true characters, Khaled, the main character, returns to Alexandria to redeem his life, and stumbles across the underground art and music scene. Hi is mesmerized by the discovery of this world and his life gradually changes.

Sameer and Shaheer and Baheer | The story revolves around three brothers who join the faculty of engineering to compete with one another, however, end up as partners and plot a theft of their teacher's invention without understanding its use and suddenly find themselves in the 70's era!

The International | Malek is a young man who was born among troubled familial circumstances, yet was blessed with a gift. He gets recruited by the Spanish 'Valencia football club', gets injured and is claimed to be unfit to ever play football again. He proves everyone wrong by playing once more on the Egyptian National Football team.

On A Day Like Today | Mai tragically loses the love of her life and goes through an emotional and psychological ordeal that she is only able to escape from when a new love comes into her life. As the anniversary of her first love's death approaches, shockingly similar circumstances occur to Mai and her new love.

Code Paper | Their first debut in a film together, Ahmed, Hesham and Sheko, take on an adventure to find lost treasure, only to discover that they were the ones who were lost and needed to find themselves together through their friendship.
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