Before the Summer Crowds (2016)
Set in a seaside resort, the film tracks a group of people who meet each other by the beginning of summer season.

Genre: Drama
Status: Released- 2016
Starring: Maged El Kedwany, Hana Shiha, Ahmed Dawood, Lana Mushtaq and Hany El Metennawy
Written by: GhadaShahbandar and Nura El Sheikh
Directed by: Mohamed Khan
Produced by: Film Clinic, Middle West Films,The Producers, Wika for Film Production and Distribution and MAD Solutions

World premiere at the 12th Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) within the Muhr Feature Films Competition
Luxor African Film Festival within the Long Narrative Films competition
World premiere at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF)
Karama Human Rights Film Festival (KHRF) in Jordan
Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF)
Tripoli Film Festival - Lebanon
Mostra de Cinema Egípcio Contemporâneo, Brazil
ANA Contemporary Arab Cinema, USADB

Three awards at the Cairo Film Society Festival; Best Sound (Bassem El Elaimy), Best Music (Layal Watfeh), and Best Actor in a Leading Role (Maged El Kedwany)


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