Sabe’ Gar (Seventh Neighbor) (2017-2018)
A social drama that touches on family issues of a group of neighbors who live in the same apartment building in Heliopolis. Through a number of intertwined stories, the series follows the main characters' secrets behind the closed doors, the social problems they face, and difficult choices they have to make alongside the contradictions in what they show in behavior inside their homes and outside.

Genre: Social drama
Starring: Dalal Abdel Aziz, Shereen, Osama Abbas, Hani Adel, Nicolas Mouawad, Hedi Karam, Mahmoud El-Bezzawy, Safaa Galal, Mohamed Alaa, Sara Abdel Rahman, Fadwa Abed, Ahmed Daash, Rahma Hassan, Nessrin Talaat, Mahmoud Ellithy, Doaa Hegazy
Written by: Heba Yousry
Directed by: Ayten Amin, Nadine Khan, Heba Yousry
Produced by: Film Clinic, The Producers

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