Sawah tells the story of an Egyptian DJ from Cairo who gets the opportunity to travel to Brussels to play the gig of a lifetime in Belgium. He decides to travel only to find himself in Luxembourg, a country he had never heard of before. Things go from bad to worse when he loses his passport and everyone thinks he is a refugee, forcing him to escape, encountering many personalities and unexpected situations along the way.

Genre: Feature, Music, Comedy
Starring: Karim Kassem, Eric Kabongo, Jean-Luc Couchard, Mourade Zeguendi, Stéphane Bissot, Nilton Martins, Elisabet Johannesdottir, Paul Robert, Mahmoud Ellithy, Sarrah Abdelrahman, Wesley Weigel, Besnik Limani, Dan Sluijzer, Mara Taquin, Negweny El Assal, Mö Sbiri, Sophie Musil
Written by: Adolf El Assal, Dennis Foon, Sirvan Marogy
Directed by: Adolf El Assal
Produced by: Film Clinic, Wady Films, Deal Productions, Caviar Films

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