Set in a Police Truck Packed with Pro and Anti- Muslim Brotherhood Demonstrators on the Day Morsi Was Ousted

Film Clinic and the Dubai-based EMC Media Co-produce Mohamed Diab's New Film Clash

Cairo, Egypt | Saturday- 17 May, 2014:

On Variety official website, Film Clinic announced plans to produce Mohamed Diab's Clash in collaboration with the Dubai-based EMC Media. Written and directed by the prominent Diab, the film is set to go into pre-production in August, with principal photography set for October 2014, on time for a spring 2015 launch.

Set entirely in an overcrowded police truck packed with both Pro and Anti Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators, Clash portrays the political disorder followed the events of July 3rd, 2013, on which former president Morsi was ousted from power.

Variety sheds light on the two companies' contraction with Mohamed Diab to direct Clash. The magazine also referred to the harassment motion-picture Cairo 678, which is directed and written by Diab, as the film was nationally and internationally acclaimed by the audience and critics.

"The film portrays a very real and tense situation that brings out the worst and best of humanity - a photojournalist, a 12 year old veiled girl, and two groups of sworn enemies chin-to-chin, with nothing but a smuggled cell phone, a razorblade, and a makeshift urinal carton", Diab said.

Clash marks EMC Media's first foray into motion picture production after several successful TV shows and drama series. As for Film Clinic's involvement, Mohamed Hefzy says "I am very proud to be working with an Egyptian director who was able to establish himself on the international scene after directing only one film. I loved Cairo 678, but the new film is a much bigger challenge".

Mohamed Diab is an Egyptian scriptwriter and director. He kick-started his cinematic career by scripting Mohamed Gomaa's Ahlam Haqiqeya (Real Dreams) (2007), then El Gezeera (The Island) by Sherif Arafa. In 2009, he also wrote the script of Ahmed Helmy's1000 Mabrok and Ahmed Ezz's Badal Faqed. Afterwards, he presented his directorial debut, Cairo 678, which is written by him and successfully received 15 awards including Best Actor and Actress at Dubai International Film Festival, Best Film at Egyptian Film Critics Association, and Best Film at Chicago Festival.

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