With the Attendance and Honoring of Prolific Directors

Film Clinic Competes with Three Films at the Egyptian Cinema Film Association Festival

Cairo, Egypt | Thursday- 20 February, 2014:

Mohamed Hefzy's production local slate, Film Clinic competes with three of its film productions in the 40th Egyptian Cinema Film Association Festival. Held in the Artistic Creativity Center, Cairo Opera House, the festival runs from February 15th to February 22nd, 2014.

Film Clinic's films line-up includes; Maggie Morgan's Asham, Ahmed Abdallah's Rags and Tatters, and Ayten Amin's Villa 69. The three films compete in the festival along with distinguished group of films such as Mohamed Bakir's Ala Gothety, Mohamed Amin's Black February, Ibrahim Batout's Winter of Discontent, Mohamed Mostafa's Al Harami Wal Abeet, and Nadine Khan's Chaos and Disorder. Choosing the best film will be done through running a poll with the participation of the jury members and audience.

Prominent directors Maggie Morgan, Ahmed Abdallah, and Ayten Amin will receive a Special Mention during the poll held after their films' screening. Awards will be announced on Saturday, March 1st, 2014.

Asham: Scripted by Maggie Morgan, the film is considered her feature directorial debut. The film tells six intertwined stories about aspiration, disappointment, and hope set against the backdrop of a restless Cairo, itself on the brink of change. At significant points of their lives, some characters converge onto a street peddler, while other characters experience a series of events, which inevitably lead their pathways to intersect. The film stars acclaimed figures such as prolific Director Mohamed Khan and Stage Director Mahmoud El-Lozy, along with young faces including Amina Khalil, Marwa Tharwat, Seif Al Aswani, Shady Habashy, Mohamed Sarhan,Naglaa Younes, Hany Seif, Salma Salem, and Noha El Kholy. With the attendance of its director Maggie Morgan, Asham screens as part of the Egyptian Cinema Film Association Festival on Thursday, February 20th, 2014, at 06:00 pm.

Rags and Tatters: Written and directed by Ahmed Abdallah, the film unfolds a new experience in Egyptian cinema as the story builds up with minimal dialogue between the characters based on visual narration within a balanced equation of documentation and narration. It tells the story of a prison inmate who escapes from jail following the incidents that took place on January 28th, 2011, when police forces were withdrawn from the streets and chaos prevailed. The film stars Asser Yassin who plays the leading role of the fugitive inmate who moves in a number of poor alienated Egyptian districts. Shot on location in Mansheyet Nasser and Old Cairo, Rags and Tatters stars Amr Abed, Mohamed Mamdouh, Seif Al Aswani, Yara Gobran and Latifa Fahmi and is produced by Mohamed Hefzy's Film Clinic in co-production with Mashrou', Ahmed Abdallah's new production house formed with Asser Yassin, and Producer and Writer Amr Shama, Scriptwriter of After the Battle film. With the presence of its director Ahmed Abdallah, Rags and Tatters screens as part of Egyptian Cinema Film Association Festival on Friday, February 21st, 2014, at 06:00 pm.

Villa 69: Co-written by Mohamed Al Hag and Mahmoud Ezzat, the film is Ayten Amin's feature directorial debut. Produced by Film Clinic in co-production with Wael Omar's Middle West Films, the film stars Khaled Abol Naga, Arwa Gouda, and Egyptian veteran actress Lebleba. Villa 69 follows Hussein, a man living in isolation in his house. Characters from his past begin to invade his solitary lifestyle; his life witnesses drastic changes following the encounter with his sister and nephew, Seif. As a result, gradual and yet radical changes in his dogmatic view of life begin to emerge. With the attendance of its director Ayten Amin, Villa 69 screens as part of Egyptian Cinema Film Association Festival on Saturday, February 22nd, 2014, at 06:00 pm.

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