A comprehensive course on the craft of filmmaking, taught by the top artists in Arab cinema
Film Arabi
Film Arabi is a groundbreaking web series in which esteemed filmmakers from the Arab world cover the filmmaking process from script to screen while highlighting the impact of storytelling in our lives. Filmed in Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and the UAE, the series features a diverse group of working filmmakers who provide their insight on specific elements of filmmaking and provide examples from their own work.

May and Omar are aspiring, young filmmakers. At their summer job at Studio Masr in Cairo, May and Omar learn how to make movies from the most prominent filmmakers in the Arab world. Follow their journey and learn with them!
Watch the complete series on YouTube, starting with Episode 01 below.

After watching each episode, apply what you have learned by working through specific exercises that we’ve prepared for you.
View/download the Episode Exercises document (PDF).

Read case studies of short and feature films by writers and directors from the Arab world. Find out what it takes to make your first film.
Barakah Meets Barakah | Captain Abu Raed | Ghadi | The Incident | Lilacs The Rifle, the Jackal, the Wolf and the Boy | When Monaliza Smiled

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A three-day successful & educational Screenwriting Seminar with Mohamed Hefzy!
Nearly 50 participants from Egypt and across the Arab region joined the Screenwriting Seminar that went on for three days in the Leadership Development Center in Zamalek from May 10 to May 12, and was held by producer and scriptwriter Mohamed Hefzy, Founder and Managing Director of Film Clinic. After teaching for three days throughout the seminar, Mohamed Hefzy said: "After 3 days of hard work, the reward is to see almost 50 young writers taking one small step closer to understanding, not only the basics of the craft of screenwriting, but also the difficulties they will face trying to break into the industry." The seminar program focused on teaching the participants how to develop an idea to a story, work on screenplay structure and character development, clearly identifying the hero's journey, and finally breaking it all down to scenes, description, and dialogue.
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