After Exceeding One Million Pounds Revenues in One Week

Increasing Theatres Screening Excuse My French to 35 Screens

Cairo, Egypt | Friday- 31 Januray, 2014:

After Writer and Director Amr Salama's Excuse My French revenues exceeded 1 million Egyptian pounds in only one week since its release on Wednesday 22nd, 2014, in 32 Egyptian theatres across eight governorates, Al Massah Art Production and the United Artistic Group decided to increase the number of theatres screening the film to be 35 screens.

Commenting on this huge success, Producer Mohamed Hefzy, and founder of Film Clinic, stated, "Excuse My French achieved unexpected revenues and topped the rest of the films currently screening in theatres. Also the main purpose behind any film is not to be screened only in festivals that not all people manage to attend; we wanted the film to be seen by the whole Egyptian audience."

Written and directed by Amr Salama, Excuse My French is produced by Film Clinic and The Producers Films which runs by producer Hani Ossama. Starring Kinda Alloush, Hany Adel, and the talented child Ahmed Dash, the film is distributed in Egyptian theaters by Al Massah Art Production, whereas the United Artistic Group is handling its theatrical release across the world.

Only 3 days before its release in theaters, Excuse My French had its world premiere at the opening gala of Luxor Egyptian and European Film Festival on, January 19th, 2014.

The film tells the story of Hany Abdallah Peter, a child whose life turns upside down after the death of his father and his mother's discovery of the huge debts they have to pay. He is forced to experience the huge gap between classes after moving from his old elite private school to a public one. Things get complicated for Hany after having to hide being a Christian surrendering to the assumptions of his classmates and teachers who didn't read his full name and mistook him for a Muslim.

Excuse My French screens in the following Egyptian theatres: in Cairo | Americana Plaza in 6 October, Dream Land in 6 October, Cityscape Mall in 6 October, Nile City in Nile Corniche, City Stars in Nasr City, Golden Stars in Nasr City, Dar Al Eshara in Nasr City, Ramses Hilton in Downtown, Galaxy in El Manial, Odeon in Downtown, Cosmos in Downtown, El Tahrir in Dokki, Saray Mall in Hadayek El-qobba, El Amir in Shoubra, Modern in Shoubra, Family in Maadi, Normandy Outdoor in Masr El Gedida, El-Salam Concorde in Masr El Gedida, Galaxy Cineplex Mall of Arabia in 6 October, El Haram in El Haram, Golf City in Obour City, Lava Meeting Point in The 5th District, Alexandria | San Stefano, City Center, Amir, Cineplex Green Plaza, Kiroseiz, Renaissance Smouha OG, Banha Cinema in Banha, El Masreya Plaza in Banha, El Gezira Cinema in Mansoura, Donia Cinema in Ismailia, El Osra Cinema in Zagazig, and Rivoli Cinema in Tanta, Scape Cinema in El Menia, and Kiroseiz Cinema in Sharm El Sheikh.

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